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Sunday, April 25, 2010

A New Beginning

Dear Friends,

As most of you have probably already noticed, almost everything from the last 2 years has been removed from the sidebar of my blog. I have also removed every post I wrote from day 1 of this blog until now, with the exception of the one post, "A Story Called. . . Thorn Wood."

I did this because I plan to make several changes in the way I was blogging before.

Here is a brief explanation:

A recent awareness of new health issues has required me to take better care of myself. The biggest area requiring a change in my lifestyle was my diet. I can no longer eat things like wheat, cheddar cheese, pasta, etc. Another thing that has required a change in our diet at home is my sausage and cheese loving husband's cholesterol level.

So as I find new recipes that are gluten free or lower in cholesterol and I try them here at home, I will in turn share them with you all.

I'm still gardening. Actually this season, we have 2 gardens. I will blog much more about that later. I'll also share my canning and preserving adventures and recipes with you all more this year than I did last year.

I also plan to sew my own dresses this season, providing I can find the time. If that happens for me, I'll share my successes and my mishaps (which should be plentiful) along the way.

What am I taking away from my blog?

Well, I think I'll be keeping more of my personal life, personal. Not so much that my readers aren't familiar with my family though. Those of you who have been readers for a while know that's not my style. When I say personal life, I mean a few things just won't be written here anymore. I will bring you all up to date soon on the house as well. When I left, we were in the middle of painting the home. There are 2 things I want to have completed on the house though, before I share new pictures. So for those who were asking about the house, please bear with me as I try to get those jobs done first.

I'll also be keeping my spiritual life to myself more. Not because I don't like sharing my Christianity but because at this point in my life I feel like this is something between me and the Lord. I'd just like to keep it that way until I feel like I'm being lead in a different direction.

I'm sure my blog will also move in directions other than healthy living, gardening, canning, preserving and sewing. It'll just take some time to get comfortable again to find out where it leads.

So as I start down this new path, I hope you'll join me, share with me, advise me when you can and support me along the way.


  1. I always like to hear about new, healthy recipes and about your garden, too!

  2. Sorry you had to change those eating habits. I know Hubby and you both love diary so much.

    There is a purpose for it, maybe you will inspire me to stop eating ice cream! I am eating yogurt occasionaly but it must be key lime pie or strawberrry cheese cake or my mind won't let me eat it.

    You demonstrate your faith in every action and word so you will not have to worry about quotes, you are witnessing for the Lord every word you write.

    I am so grateful you are back. I have missed you terribly.

    Welcome back with a big ole hug from this Arkansas gal.

  3. Best of luck on this *re*newed blogging journey. :) Thank you for your kind post on my blog about our greenhouse! It really wasn't too expensive to make(we used many things we already had) and it wasn't too hard either! :) I hope you are able to have one as well!!! :)

  4. Sometimes it feels really good having a 'spring clean', doesn't it? Enjoy your new journey! Cx

  5. I agree with Catherine! How long have you been gone? I was absent for 8 months - health reasons myself...long story...which I didnt post about...certain people didnt need to know my business. Some people are just too nosey about my life LOL I'm happy to see your blog again tho, I missed you!


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