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Monday, December 29, 2008

A story called. . ."Thorn Wood"

When our family first moved here, the back of our property was over run with honeysuckle vines and locust saplings. It was so thick in some areas that we couldn't even walk through it without getting our feet tangled up in the vines.

We had moved in during the winter months last year so we had to wait until spring time brought us warmer weather to work in. My husband was out of a job which made for skimpy living but it also allowed him the time he needed here on the property to get some of that back yard cleaned up and workable.

We all went to the back yard as a family and just started cutting vines, brush and weeds.

While I was cutting I came upon this:

I stopped cutting immediately and stood there in awe at the size of the thorns and the plant itself. I wondered what in the world could this plant be?

So I walked on down to the other side of the property where my husband was cutting brush and asked him if he'd come and take a look at this plant I had found. A bit tired and overworked, he seemed reluctant but still agreed to walk on over there with me.

He stepped up as close as he could to the bush and held one of the limbs in his hand and said, "Honey, you don't want to cut this down".

I asked, "Why?"

He said, "This is the Crown of Thorns. It's what they put on Jesus' head when they crucified him."

I reached out and touched one of the long thorns.

Then I fell onto my knees beneath the bush and wept for my Lord and the pain He endured for me . . . and you.

So, of course we left the plant standing and later on we came to discover the ancient grandmother to this plant in another area of our back yard. She produced hundreds of babies this year which we handed out to churches and neighbors in our area. We even sent some home to West Virginia and some to my Mother-in-Love here in North Carolina.

Then early last week, I was having an email conversation with my dear friend, Gail. If you know Gail, you already know what a creative mind she has. She is really good with writing, words, photography, poetry, etc.

Well, she noticed I had a picture of my house on my blog with "My house needs a name" written above it. She asked if I'd come up with a name yet. Of course I hadn't and she offered to help me out. She asked me some questions about the property, my family history, the age of the house, just different things. She left me with a list of names and being unable to make a decision about anything most days, I still didn't decide on a name.

So, on Saturday when I received the box in the mail from Gail, it was addressed to none other than:

Thorn Wood

Now all I need is a nice sign with the name of my house on it ;)

Finally, my sweet old fashioned home has a name thanks so much to my dear friend, Gail :)

God bless Gail and all my dear friends who visit my blog daily, sharing in my life as you all do. Your presence in my life even if it is only through the internet, is a blessing to me.

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