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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mulching Our Vegetable Gardens - Part 2 - With Pictures

I promised I'd try to get pictures of the garden and the work as we did it yesterday. After a whole lot more research and talking with Mike, we decided not to use the peat moss. We took it back for a refund yesterday with the intent of using something else. We're just not sure yet what, if anything we'll use. Gail made some really great suggestions. Two of those I can definitely do - 1. The chicken waste we mucked out of the coop 2. Feed bags - I just got tired yesterday after completing all of this other work and will have a fresher outlook on things along with a renewed energy level today when I go outside to assess the garden again.

So, here is what happened yesterday:

This is what the hills looked like before we starred on the garden:

In the following picture you can really see how thick the grass was getting in areas beneath the straw where I couldn't see until I raked it back a little bit:

Below is a picture of our Natural and Organic Insecticide:

The garden after the straw was raked out and each hill hoed:

There is still some straw visible between the rows in the above picture but Mike will be using the tiller between those to take care of that for me.

A little bit closer:

38 Hills of Squash and Cucumbers later, we see happy plants free of pesky old weeds and grass:


  1. Looking great! I remember when there was no garden.

    The paper feed sacks will have to be weighted some with dirt until they settle down. The plastic ones can be used away from the plants and well still keep the weeds down. Then you can use the straw on top of that if you wanted.

    I use to catch toads, lizards and praying mantis and bring them to the garden.

    Have a great day.

  2. This is great...alot of work but tasty rewards in the future!!
    Take care.

  3. Your plants look great. I am still waiting for this weather to make up its mind.
    I hope that you find a good mulch. I need some ideas also.


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