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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Family Cook Books

I have always kept my own little handwritten cook book of recipes my family enjoys at dinner time and for dessert. Most of them are recipes which have been tweaked to please them and their taste. The majority of those come from another cook book I have which actually belonged to my grandmother.

After my adventures in canning and preserving I have come to the realization that this is something I love and it will be ongoing. Therefore, I am finding myself collecting up a few recipes in that area. I have also been tweaking these for personal taste as well. I will keep the recipes which have been tried and approved by various family members in our home and in the mountains.

So, now I guess I'll find a pretty little book somewhere and begin recording my canning and preserving recipes, methods and little tidbits I have learned along the way.

I think my daughter will enjoy this when she grows up and starts her own family. I know how young ladies like to bring things from their family into their new home, especially cooking methods so I'll be sure to make a copy of this for her.

My sons will receive one only if they request it. When they marry off I don't want to offend their young wives by shoving my recipe books into their faces. It is difficult enough for young ladies to feel like they are pleasing their new husbands without being made to feel like they have to do everything "just like mom".

Just having these things recorded and accessible to the next generation is what matters, not how many want to pick up the books and repeat the process.

What I would find most pleasing would be if one of my daughter-in-laws did request the book and began tweaking it in a way to blend her family's methods with our family's methods. I think that's what family is all about anyway.


  1. What a splendid idea.

    When Mom died, for Christmas the next year, I picked a favorite photo and went through all her recipes, some handwritten by her.

    I put these, handwritten and others, mixed in a photo album for each of her grand daughters. I called it Grandma's Recipes. They loved it.

  2. A great thing to do for your family. Mine are all on index cards.

    Have a Happy Mother's Day.

  3. What a lovely idea. I disagree with you on the boy's though. I think you should give the cookbooks to their wives but joke and tell them they are heirlooms and they should not feel pressured to use them. Years later after they have established their families, they will treasure and use these books. It's only in the beginning that new wives need to establish their 'territory' later they want to feel the connection to their extended families

  4. When my son got married my advice to him was "No matter what your wife does or how much you dislike her cooking in the beginning don't you ever say to her "that's not how my mama did it." I think his wife appreciates that and now she asks me how to cook things. Once she gets use to you she will ask if she's interested.

    It was great to read your comment on my blog. I missed you while you were away.



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